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July 16, 2018

TV Viewers are disappearing… But yet TV is still one of the key marketing strategies and spend? Why?

TV is slowly dying, over the last few years Foxtel to some levels has been growing its content strategy but…


OTT providers such as Netflix, Hulu & Amazon TV is growing at a huge pace. Netflix is rumoured to be spending $8bn on content this year. That is Billion with a B!


(OTT is “Over the Top” which means that we bypass the traditional cable networks by using streaming networks to watch shows)


Netflix has also received 112 nominations for Content it has created. For a network that was not around Prior to February 2013. Let alone the other major digital networks.


What does this mean and why should you care. Well if you are looking to spend your marketing $$s in the future will TV be a major part of it? If you can purchase are a great rate and get sales then yes.


In my opinion, it is still widely overpriced, numbers and viewership are decreasing. Especially since OzTam which runs the rating is owned by the major networks. 500 boxes in Metro Adelaide.


We watch, listen, learn and want to be entertained when we want to, options are key and OTT and even Podcasts provide this to us at a low $ rate with minimal commercials

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