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July 4, 2018
TV Viewers are disappearing… But yet TV is still one of the key marketing strategies and spend? Why?
July 16, 2018

The Call Center of the Future is already here???

It’s Monday – #WithMatt #Video – Online Chat Are the new Call Centres but BETTER…

Think of it this way… When we enter a store we expect a warm friendly hello with an offer of assistance… We pay attention to what our customers are looking at instore but we can do the same online but many don’t?…

Online chat is a great way to engage and communicate with your customers and partners when they visit your website, we can offer discounts, we can answer questions, assist in sizing of clothes or products and best of all collect details for database or taking the conversation offline.

Why do I love taking the conversation offline? It’s a great way to have an “in person” discussion even if it’s on a phone, you can find out so much more by listening to a customer and providing advice, solutions and excellent service.

BTW Yes, I am available for strategy and marketing sessions. Email or PM me for a confidential chat.

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