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Social is more than just sharing.

Social is about building a community using education, engagement & entertainment to delight and surprise your followers.
Social Media is not just about sharing, or promoting your products and services. Its a unique way to build a following using education, entertainment and most importantly engagement. This is why Logia provides a complete end-to-end solution and strategy to assist you in ways to fill gaps and support your business.

By creating a social strategy, building a brand presence also by partnering with Logia we become you online we monitor and spot opportunities for growth and to represent your brand in its best possible way. Engagement is key as this is how your customers and supporters know they are being appreciated.

Do not forget reputational management, we have already moved into a digital age. Logia works with you to protect, respond and engage with your customers across review websites no matter what industry you are in. Logia works with your team or as an external agency to become your eyes and ears online.

Ultimately, Logia works with you with the goal of an efficient and deliberate holistic approach.


Digital Strategy

Our Social Strategists help brands navigate the ever-evolving social landscape to achieve results. As a team that combines story tellers with telling the brand story to the right person at the time we act as your brand partner. We build the game plans and then execute in effective and efficient ways.

Digital & Social Crisis & Managment

Brand crisis can occur at any time, and social media platforms are normally where they start, grow and therefore we believe preparation is everything. OUr teams ensure that clients and their partners are equipped and organised through social listening, community management and strategy. If you are in the midst of a Social Crisis give Matthew a call ASAP on +61 490 259 045.

Digital Listening & Repuation Management

By listening and following the right social channels, blogs, review sites and more we value your brand reputation. This means when your brand is menitoned or even when influencers are promoting your products Logia can comment and provide feedback.

Community Management

Community Management will be your eyes and ears for our clients. our Community Managers will not only be the first line of defence with the skills of highly trained ninja warriors, we work closely with your brand and internal needs to leverage learnings to grow your community. Social Media, Forums, Review sites our community managers can monitor it all. The Community Managers also work with our Studio & Creative teams to create the content along with our Paid Media & Insights teams to monitor and maximise results.

Social & Digital Media Measurement

Understanding your numbers and resources helps create a deep understanding of performance data and how we should be providing to your audience. With the tools and the team to measure and build on business goals and then optimise throughout with a single purpose of always creating measurably work.

Social & Digital Marketplaces

Building an online marketplace using future social selling tools helps boost and build your bottom line. We look to build a marketplace that enables direct to consumer purchase. Being an Full-service agency we work to build an overall eCommerce strategy and social selling will be one of these.

Paid Social

Paid Social Strategy and overal expertise is crictial to grow that with any audience. Our Paid Social Specialists focus on creating real connections to drive measurable business outcomes. We aim to connect all our Paid Social efforts to other marketing channgels and create an consumer first startegy with a complete accountablity.


Social Media is more then just a like. Logia works with you to build an community of supporters.