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Your One-stop shop - eCommerce business building and marketing for your sites and marketplaces.
No matter, if it is your first time selling online or looking to rebuild or make changes to your existing shop. Selling your products and services online is not as easy as setting up a store and then cross your fingers hoping for a customer to buy your products or services. Defining your strategy and creating a Direct to Consumer or Business-to-Business approach is needed.

We are not an agency that builds it and sends you on your way. At Logia we like to partner with you and your team for the long term. Creating that UX (User Experience) that customers love from the first click to your site, through to delivery, after sales service, follow up and establishing brand advocates.

With Amazon coming to Australia shortly, we can work with you in partnering up or working alongside existing models. Some of these may include in store pick up and affiliate and onsite customer management.

Our Offering


Dive deep into your brand's existing ecosystem including technical, operation, revenue management, design, and customers. We generate the ideas, strategy and understand the big picture to deliver a truly great customer experience.


Logia is your consultant for increasing visibility, conversations and customer experiences. With emerging marketplaces, as well your own including and others such as Amazon A+ content, Logia can create a custom customer solution for you.

CRM Strategy & Management

Customer Relationship Management has become increasingly important to maximise ROI during the client's funnel. Logia works with you for the strategic, creative and analytic tool set to help launch, grow and nurture your customer, increase their loyalty and action and ongoing brand engagement.

Consumer & Infrastructure Development

Developing and building the online shopping experiences of the future. We identify the appropriate selling platforms, tools to create Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) purchasing models for both engagement online and offline boost customer advocacy and purchase by using a structured framework.

Revenue Models

Understanding the whole process from purchase to sale and working with your team we can create targeted, customer centric content and offers that generates results. Using a mix of media channels to meet your brand's revenue goals media expertise to implement it.

Online Customer Engagement & Management

Once your customer enters your site, they can quickly be engaged and assist them in the buying process. When we visit a bricks and mortar retail location, we are always greeted with that friendly hello and offer of assistance. Why not the same online? Logia offers the solution by having trained dedicated support staff that can be operational 24/7. Having an online site with a customer engagement manager allows an experience that can be tracked, measured and changes made as required.

Affiliate Strategy & Management

We look at the brand's current presence and recommend enhancements or set it up from scratch. Referral, affiliate and influencer marketing are key drivers of revenue growth, brand awareness and new revenue streams for your business.

Paid Media

Allowing for media spend online drives customers to the site. Setting up the search engine AdWords along with social media including Facebook, Instagram and other developing channels can all bring customer straight to your business.

Time for that eCommerce Store?

Are you sold? Every eCommerce stores need a strategy to create the customer experience that is market leading. Let us work together.