Nexus Live 2018 Program Launch
NEXUS Arts 2018 Program Launch
December 7, 2017

Drop Shipping Common Pitfalls & Tips – Building a Nation: S2:Ep1

Drop Shipping is currently the way to earn money from home quick and fast. But is it a quick and fast way to lose money, time and be stuck with stock? Watch or Listen to find out more!


Matthew Garcia – I am just an entrepreneur

[email protected] or call 0490 259 045.


Don’t forget to #AMA private message and emails have been going down a lot more than what I thought #appreciate every message and look forward to meeting you all


Why are we doing this

We see it every day with our clients transforming them into a 2.0 world and beyond. Matt will discuss Social Media, Marketing, Influencer marketing, strategy, development, understanding trends and more. Featuring More Content, More Guests More Value all for Free & All For you! Getting started in business is not easy, and the team at Logia knows this.


Where to find Matt & Team Logia
Based in Adelaide and office on the Gold Coast and ability to travel worldwide. At Logia we are a Digital Agency Building for the future.

Got a question email the team at Logia or contact Matthew directly

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Matthew Garcia
Matthew Garcia
Director and passionate business owner of Logia. Team Logia works with brands to tell their Stories, Create Engagement plus strategy management using new and emerging trends both on and offline for customers around Australia, Asia & UAE.

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