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NEXUS Arts 2018 Program Launch
December 7, 2017
July 4, 2018

Drop Shipping Common Pitfalls & Tips – Building a Nation: S2:Ep1

Drop Shipping is currently the way to earn money from home quick and fast. But is it a quick and fast way to lose money, time and be stuck with stock? Watch or Listen to find out more!


Matthew Garcia – I am just an entrepreneur

[email protected] or call 0490 259 045.


Don’t forget to #AMA private message and emails have been going down a lot more than what I thought #appreciate every message and look forward to meeting you all


Why are we doing this

We see it every day with our clients transforming them into a 2.0 world and beyond. Matt will discuss Social Media, Marketing, Influencer marketing, strategy, development, understanding trends and more. Featuring More Content, More Guests More Value all for Free & All For you! Getting started in business is not easy, and the team at Logia knows this.


Where to find Matt & Team Logia
Based in Adelaide and office on the Gold Coast and ability to travel worldwide. At Logia we are a Digital Agency Building for the future.

Got a question email the team at Logia or contact Matthew directly

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