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Are You Ready For Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR)?

vr ar

vr ar

Even though the everyday use of VR/AR is still 3-5 years, we can still see advancements in technology for high scale commercial application as this will cement and build trust and authority and future player in the commercial your market. With our motto “ Logia will create an immersive environment, now and into the future” our LogiaSmart Product Team is working hard on creating

We do need to remember when it comes to Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) these do go hand in hand. AR has come a long way and with companies like Ikea launching “Ikea Place” AR App on the iPhone IOS 10 platform and other online retailers very close behind including Wayfair very close behind Click here for IKEA Video. PokemonGo started the AR ball rolling with whole sections on the Apple App Store dedicated to AR games and applications, you can even feed Pigeons from your desk. Video: (30 Seconds)


How will this work in Real Estate?

It started with companies like Google when they launched DayDream a free-roaming headset which means no cables attached to computer which is due out soon or even the new Oculus VR GO headset by Facebook Click here for Link


How to develop Content/Videos – Existing:

For ready-made building, these are recorded Video Tours can be created using “Profesional Grade” 8K 3D Capture Camera like the Insta360 Pro which has just hit the market (Link) and then a lot of back of house development to edit and upload these videos ready for headset use. Once uploaded for use on any VR device around the world within hours/days instead of months like previously. Imagine giving that International Investor a walk-through tour of a building in 3D within hours of listing it for sale or lease. No need to send people around the world to inspect when all the pre-work can be done in the comfort of their office/location prior to site visits.



How to develop Content/Videos – New/Developments:

For custom or New Developments, these are created by using Social but Virtual creators by building a virtual office just like Animators bring cartoons to life, VR/AR Visualisations Creators will bring content to life. These do take longer but can visualise the install of a whole building prior to any installs can occur. These are already very popular and used every day. AR/VR will just allow quick changes by using “pre-built” furniture rather than custom jobs that cost tens of thousands.



Phrases to remember

  • By building immersive technology and a way to put “the client in the building.” no matter where they are.


Buzzwords to know

  • AR – Augmented Reality – Changing the Environment around us by using visual and audio aids to assist in changes.
  • VR – Virtual Reality – Commonly used to create immerse 3D environments using Headsets or worn technology to “transport” us to another location or experience.
  • AI – Artificial Reality – Computers learning, listening and responding on our behalf
  • Oculus – Purchased by Facebook for around $2B in 2014, creator of Headsets and VR devices for every day, gaming and future use.
  • DayDream – Googles Answer to Oculus, Partnered with HTC & Lenovo creating VR Devices
  • Hololens – Microsoft’s answer to AR and VR moving forward. Aimed at Commercial Use
  • LOGIA – Future of Communications & Marketing, Your Partner using Digital, Content & Smart Technology and Devices for Commercial Applications.



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